Australia to spend more than $20bn on electric appliances

Australia is set to spend a record $20 billion on electric cars and batteries next year, as the country moves to build more than half a million new electric vehicles by 2020.

The Government announced in March that the country would spend $30 billion on new electric cars over the next two years.

“The world’s second-largest economy is rapidly transforming its economy from an energy-intensive economy to one that is more energy efficient and energy-efficient cars are a key driver for our national economy,” Mr Hockey said.

The Government also announced it was expanding its plans for energy efficiency.

It said it would invest $50 billion over five years on the National Electricity Market to enable more Australians to have electricity on their homes at a lower cost.

A spokesman for the Victorian Government said the Government was considering extending its electricity market expansion by four years to 2020.

Energy efficiency and carbon pricing are part of a package of measures outlined by the Government to address the country’s emissions and climate change problems.

Labor has called for the Government’s policy to be based on carbon pricing and that emissions targets should be made public, as well as an emissions trading scheme.

More than 200,000 households in the state of Victoria currently pay $1 per week in carbon credits, while about 400,000 residents of the southern state of Queensland are eligible for credits.

There is also a Carbon Market, which allows people to buy carbon credits on the open market.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has called on Mr Hockey to announce a plan to increase emissions targets in the 2030s.

Mr Hockey is expected to make a decision about the future of the carbon price next month.

In September, the Treasurer announced the Government would review the way it manages greenhouse gas emissions.

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