Why China is ‘finally’ getting its electricity back

China has been trying to revive its electricity generation after it was cut off from international markets for years, but now the country is back in the news again after an earthquake killed more than 1,000 people and forced many to seek shelter in the capital.

The country was declared disaster-free after the magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck late Wednesday, triggering a huge wave and tsunami that swept away thousands of buildings in China’s northeast.

More: China’s capital has been declared disaster safe.

It was unclear how many people remained in the city and where they were staying.

The death toll from the quake has risen to more than 8,000, according to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

The quake, which the US Geological Survey has classified as a 6.0, caused the deadliest earthquake to hit China in decades.

A USGS report said the quake was “the most powerful quake in the country’s history.”

It caused major damage to infrastructure, including roads, buildings and power lines.

The quake came at a time when China was trying to restore its economy after the 2011 earthquake that killed nearly 300,000 and devastated the country.

China has also been facing a wave of pollution blamed on its massive coal-fired power plant in the northwestern province of Hebei.

In recent months, authorities have stepped up inspections of pollution from China’s coal industry, and in January, the country was forced to ban construction of coal-burning power plants for three months amid concerns about the pollution.

The new rules were part of a sweeping new energy policy that China is expected to implement in the coming months, but the move is likely to spark a new wave of anger.

Meanwhile, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua reported that the city of Tianjin has reopened.

Photos: Explosion rocks Tianjin city Photos: Explosion roars through Tianjin Photos: Explosive blast shakes Tianjin City – An explosion in the Tianjin area of China’s western Liaoning province has left at least three dead, including two firefighters, local authorities said.

The explosion was triggered by an explosion that shook the Tianjian-Xianhai district, in the southern Liaoning region, local government officials said.

One person died at the scene and three others were injured.

The fire was extinguished after the explosion, the officials said in a statement on their Weibo microblog.

Authorities have been trying for weeks to control the air pollution that has led to a dramatic increase in asthma and other respiratory problems in China.

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