Get ready for an electricity storm

Ninjas are getting ready for a storm that could hit our electrical appliances as a huge floodwaters sweep across much of northern Australia, with major flooding expected on the banks of the Yarra River.

The Australian Energy Market Operator said it had warned that flooding could threaten power supply across parts of NSW and Victoria, with some areas still receiving power.

The emergency alert said a “severe thunderstorm warning” was in place in parts of the NSW and Northern Territory and it warned that floodwaters were expected to cause major disruption in the state and neighbouring areas.

A similar warning was in force in Victoria.

Emergency warningThe warning means a severe thunderstorm may cause power disruption.

The storm may cause widespread power outages, serious flooding and power outage warning.

Emergency operations will be focused on areas of floodwaters in and around the Sydney CBD, which is currently under a major flood warning, while flooding could cause widespread outages.

The severe thunderstorms warning will remain in place until 8am on Sunday, when it will go into effect, the AEMO said.

Emergency services have been warned that a severe storm could cause flooding and major disruption on the rivers banks.

An AEMA spokesman said the severe thunder storm warning was only in place for a small area of the state.

“It is only a small section of the affected area and there is no impact to the flow of river water into the river and into the city, so this warning is only in effect for a very small area,” he said.

“The warnings will remain until the conditions allow for the operation of flood management measures.”AEMA said there were still no updates on the extent of the flooding and there were no reports of injuries or fatalities.AEMO has advised that power out-of-service warning remains in effect.

“In a thunderstorm, a strong gust of wind can cause power out of service warnings to be issued,” the AECO said in a statement.

“If this occurs, you will need to contact your local AEME to find out when you can expect your service back.”

A storm of up to 70km/h is forecast to cause widespread disruption, with flash flooding expected in parts across the state as the river is expected to crest, according to the AEMSO.

The AEMC said the floodwaters could cause significant flooding in parts along the Yarr River, which joins the Yarralumla and Cootamundra Rivers.

“Floods and strong wind gusts are likely to cause significant damage to buildings and infrastructure along the riverbanks,” the statement said.

A flood warning in effect is in place along the River Yarra, from Yarra to Wodonga, including in the area around the city of Yarra.

An emergency operation is under way in areas around the River Wodongal, including the City of Yarralula, the Coot-Ratharra, the Yarramas, the City and North Coot, and the Yarras North, South, East, West and South-West Rivers.AESOL will be monitoring the situation as it happens.

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