How to better electric appliance certification in Germany

A German electrical appliance certification authority (DEKA) has recommended that people use a tool that measures electrical performance instead of simply asking for the best electric appliance.

The German Energy Agency (DGAP) has come under fire for issuing a certification for electric appliances without actually asking for it, and many of the claims made by manufacturers were inaccurate and unsupported by evidence.

The DGAP issued the recommendations for a certification program that relies heavily on performance-based measurements.DGAC member company Höhenbroeck, the company that manufactures the Deka-Vuur, claims that the DGA recommends the use of a product called “power performance measurement” to determine whether an electric appliance meets a certain level of performance.

The DGA also recommended the use to check the performance of a certain product when comparing it to a competitor.

However, in a blog post, Höhebroecker claims that, as of November 2017, the DGAP had not yet implemented the recommendations.

The DGA, the German electrical industry and other groups have raised concerns about the claims and the use it makes of performance metrics to help determine whether products are worth purchasing.

In a blog posted on Thursday, the Höhetbroegger’s claimed that “the DGAP has never asked people for their personal information, nor have they tested our products to determine their safety.”

“It is not necessary for consumers to trust us,” the Hüber said.

“We don’t care about the DGAC’s own rules, nor do we have the power to tell consumers what is good or bad.

The power lies with consumers.”

The German consumer group PETP said the recommendations are “dangerous,” and “disgraceful.”

The organization said that “it is not only a violation of the consumer’s right to know whether the product they are buying meets the necessary performance standards, but also a clear violation of our consumer protection obligations.”

The DGAP also called for the immediate suspension of the Dga-Vulur program.

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